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Cultured Organisms

All our saltwater organisms are cultured in strict accordance with EPA guidelines and undergo monthly Standard Reference Toxicant (SRT) testing by an independent facility.  Our environmental parameters are: salinity at 20 ppt, temperature at 25 C, and a light cycle of 16 hours light and 8 hours dark.  Upon request, we would be happy to acclimate your order to your testing conditions if possible.  Our nationwide and international clientele for indicator organisms includes toxicology laboratories, universities, and the US EPA. 

Menidia beryllina
(inland silverside)

The inland silverside (Menidia beryllina) is a neotropical silverside native to the Atlantic coast of North America. The Menidia beryllina is currenty an EPA approved vertebrate indicator species for various bioassays.

Mysidopsis bahia

(Americamysis bahia

or Opossum shrimp )

The Mysidopsis bahia is currently the EPA approved invertebrate indicator species for various bioassays.

Hyalella azteca is a freshwater amphipod currently used for a wide range of bioassays.

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