Welcome to Aquatic Indicators!  

We currently produce cultured organisms and provide live Mysid shrimp to customers across the country.   Our cultured organisms are  Menidia beryllina Mysidopsis bahia and Hyalella azteca.   Our forage division is dedicated to providing the highest quality organisms to marine aquarists and oceanariums.  We currently offer three live feed organisms: wild mysid shrimp, grass shrimp, and saltwater rotifers.  Our wild mysids are shipped overnight in quanities of 3+ thousand per bag.  Please use the links above for more information on our products.


Our Guarantee:

As a supplier of bioassay organisms since 1985, and a supplier of wild mysid shrimp and other marine forage foods since 1990,  our endeavor is to provide organisms of the highest quality. We will always stand behind and guarantee our products 100%.  Aquatic Indicators will not be undersold!  We will beat any legitimate price for comparable quantities of wild mysid shrimp by 10%, without compromising our high standards of quality!

Aquatic Indicators
Live Mysids

All Carnivorous Fish Love Mysids

Especially Seahorses and Pipefish

We catch and gently release many seahorses in our various collection locations. The Syngnathid pictured is an example of Hippocampus zosterae 

(dwarf seahorse).


When available we often donate our interesting bycatch to valued clients for display.