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Georgia Aquarium's Weedy Seadragons foraging on our live mysid shrimp.
Kansas City Sea Life Aquarium's Weedy Seadragons slurping up
our live wild mysids.

 Aquatic Indicators 

Aquatic Indicators aquacultures the representative toxicology species: 

Americamysis bahia (formerly known as Mysidopsis bahia) and 

Menidia beryllina for water quality testing as mandated by the EPA. 


Our forage division provides superior quality live, wild-caught, saltwater forage mysids and grass shrimp to marine aquarists at zoos, aquariums and universities across the country and in Canada. 

We currently offer three live feed organisms: mysid shrimp, grass shrimp, and saltwater rotifers


Our wild-caught forage foods and cultured toxicology organisms are shipped priority overnight. 

What Sets Us Apart

Superior Quality Bioassay Organisms Cultured For Over 37 Years and
The First Supplier of
Live Wild-Caught Mysid Shrimp In The World!

Grass Shrimp available year-round!

Over 100 years of combined experience in the fields of aquaculture and
marine biology with degrees in Marine Science and Biology/Ecology.

Originator of sustainable mysid collecting techniques and equipment -
sometimes imitated but never duplicated.

Fully licensed, permitted and insured at local, state and federal levels.

Orders fulfilled on the same day as placed, if so desired by our customer.

Friendly, honest service - no upcharges for shipping on our FedEx account.

New eco-friendly and 100% recyclable large boxes -
smaller than our old large Styrofoam box so you save on shipping too!


"Aquatic Indicators is a great supplier for aquatic organisms! They are always very easy to communicate with, reliable with their shipments, and provide VERY high quality organisms at a competitive rate."

Alex Anderson

McCampbell Analytical Inc.

August 16, 2023


"We have been receiving weekly shipments of live mysid and grass shrimp from Aquatic Indicators for over five years. Our squid colony is absolutely dependent on high-quality, consistent and reliable supply of live feeds, and AI has never let us down! Their shrimp arrive on time, well packed and in excellent condition. Aquatic Indicators is an integral part of our cephalopod culture work. I recommend them to anyone needing the best quality live feeds for their research animals."

Dr. Robyn Crook

San Francisco State University

August 8, 2023

Aquatic Indicators Logo2
Baby seahorses - H. erectus

Aquatic Indicators is proud of our reputation in the aquaculture community for offering superior quality bioassay organisms. We take everything we have learned in the laboratory and use it to ensure the health of our live wild-caught marine forage mysids and grass shrimp. Using our biological background allows us to “think like a biologist” in the field and take steps to promote the health of the shrimp from the point of collection onwards. As a result, we believe we offer the highest quality live mysids and grass shrimp. Give our forage organisms a try and see for yourself!

Aquatic Indicators is the industry leader in supplying wild-caught forage mysids for 30+ years and grass shrimp for the past 10 years. Over this span of close interaction with Florida's waterways, our company has developed a culture of admiration and love for our unique ecosystem. We truly care about the environment we rely on and often take the opportunity to not only leave nothing but footprints but to improve the areas we frequent. Our collectors often return with bags full of trash and bundles of fishing line removed from our estuaries. We utilize a conservation-first mindset to ensure we do not over-pressure the populations of mysis and grass shrimp on which we depend. All of us at Aquatic Indicators agree that even if this leads to more work for us, the long-term health of all the species in Florida’s waters is paramount. Utilizing this mindset has led to the discovery of dozens of sites across the state of Florida that we regularly cycle through. A by-product of the variable collecting locations is the shrimp have a changing nutritional profile at different parts of the year based on where and when they were collected and what that population fed on. And finally, unless there is a special request for bycatch, we release all other species back into the wild and wonderful waters of our beautiful Florida.

Aquatic Indicators will not be undersold! We will beat any legitimate price for comparable quantities of wild mysid shrimp by 10%, without compromising our high standards of quality! Simply call and inform us of the price you were quoted and the company that quoted you the price and we will beat it! As a supplier of bioassay organisms since 1985 and a supplier of wild mysid shrimp and other marine forage foods since 1990, our endeavor is to provide organisms of the highest quality. We will always stand behind and guarantee our products 100%. We value all of our customers and are happy to match any incentive offered by another company.

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